In our fast-paced world, there is too little time and too much work. The purpose of Heavenly Rose cleaning service is to help you with your cleaning and make your life easier and more pleasant. Let Heavenly Rose Cleaning Services unburden you of the responsibilities of cleaning and offer you some helpful tips on how to make cleaning easier and faster.

Secret #1: De-clutter. Get rid of items that haven't been used in years and that take up room. Have a garage sale, donate to charity. Label plastic organizers and put items in storage that are only used once a year like Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, crafts.

Secret #2: Wipe up spills immediately. You do not have to wash the whole floor in between cleanings, just the spill.

Secret #3: Keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom vanity to wipe splashes on mirrors. Wipe mirror immediately after splashing them. Do not use a damp bath towel to wipe a steamed mirror, as you will leave streaks when the moisture evaporates.

Secret #4: Organization. There is a place for everything. Dirty dishes go in the dishwasher. Shoes go in the closet. Coats are hung up.

Secret #5: Use liners for bathroom garbage containers as well as kitchen garbage. Do not use grocery bags for wet garbage as they do not hold up well and may have holes in them. Put extra bags at the bottom of each pail.

Secret #6: Keep cleaning products close by like keeping a toilet bowl cleanser and brush in each bathroom.

Secret #7: Do you have kitchen cupboards with an exposed top? Discretely line the top with newspaper to collect all the dust and grease. Then, you only have to throw away the paper and reline again.

Secret #8: Always line your kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities to protect from chemical spills and stains from food, etc. You can find clear adhesive plastic that cuts to fit and is wipe-ready. When liners are removed, your cupboards look new again and it does not damage the wood.

Secret #9: To remove black marks on white shelves from pots and pans, use Easy-off oven cleaner, wipe out and wash thoroughly. Works like magic. Easy-Off removes grease on top of fridges and stained handles on fridges or microwaves. Or try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They work like a charm.

Secret #10: Black pit marks on white floors. Cover it up with a dab of white nail polish. It will stay there for years.

Secret #11: Put dryer sheets in your registers. When they heat comes from the flow of the furnace, you will have a nice scent in your rooms.

Secret #12: Keep shampoo bottles away from the silicone seal around your bathtub. Lack of airflow and the continuous moisture can cause mold and mildew. Instead, put bottles on ledges or on bathroom containers that hang from the showerhead.

Secret #13: Never leave water drips under your sinks. This leads to mold, wood warping and potentially structural problems. Hire a plumber.

Secret #14: Camouflage gouges or deep marks on white walls with Liquid Paper. They won't be as noticeable.

Secret #15: How to catch a sneaky mouse? Use crazy glue (or something similar) and affix a piece of dried dog food onto a wooden trap. Mice love dog food and they will tug at the dog food and set off the trap.

Secret #16: For a mirror that refuses to come clean and streak-free, use vinegar. Wipe off with paper towel or a cloth that is free of fabric softener.

Secret #17: Never reuse a cloth that has had furniture polish or oil on it. Either throw it away or roll it up in a baggie and throw it into the freezer and reuse it for the next cleaning.

Secret #18: Clean a light fixture with crystals hanging from it by taking the hanging pieces off of the fixture. Put the crystals into a pillowcase; add warm water and dish soap. Wash and rinse. Then dry the pieces and replace the crystals. Nothing gets lost this way.

Secret #19: Remove odours in bathrooms by pouring up to 1 cup of laundry bleach in toilets with routine cleanings. Flush. Do not mix toilet bowl cleaners and bleach at the same time.

Secret #20: If black mold is noticed on a bathroom ceiling or wall, immediately spray on a product like Lysol with bleach. Leave it on and the mold will disappear if it has not gotten too far along. You will see the difference in about two weeks without scrubbing.

Secret #21: When using a microwave to heat up food, be sure to use a microwave-safe cover. This stops food from spattering and makes clean up easier. Also, wipe splashes that do happen to the roof and insides of the microwave immediately. If food has been left and bakes on; microwave one cup of water. The steam will loosen up the baked on food.

Secret #22: To deodorize your kitchen sink, pour one cup of bleach down the drain. Rinse and dry sink. Bleach will also get rid of most coffee and tea stains without scrubbing.

Secret #23: If you are using a damp rag to whisk stray dog or cat hair on fabric furniture, add white vinegar to your cloth. It will deodorize the area where the pets were and not harm them.

Secret #24: When cleaning light bulbs of any kind, turn the light switch off and let the bulbs cool. A slightly damp cloth can burst a hot light bulb.

Secret #25: A well-cleaned house should look clean, smell clean, and feel clean. A clean house is more appealing than a house masked with deodorizers.

Secret #26: A house that is organized, uncluttered, free of personal objects is easier to clean than one that is overloaded with items. You can save up to a half-hour to one hour of a cleaner's time by picking up items so the cleaner can devote more time to the actual cleaning and do a better Job.

Secret #27: It makes good sense to allow a cleaner to exercise the skills he or she is accustomed to in cleaning and to not try to enforce your methods on them. This might cost you more in the end as practice makes perfect and they are doing what they are routinely doing. Learning another method may not be important to them if their methods are successful already.

Secret #28: Pick up after yourself daily so that things do not go out of hand. This includes shoes, coats, purses, books, newspapers, magazines and dirty dishes. Use baskets for makeup and bathroom accessories if you do not have room in your vanity.

Secret #29: Use baskets under your sinks to hold bathroom products. Keep different like items with like items. This prevents shelves from getting cluttered and keeps everything together to find easier.

Secret #30: If you have odds and ends like buttons, screws, nails; store them in a bowl or plastic container inside a cupboards. Putting things away leaves surfaces clean, leaving an uncluttered look in your home.