heavenly rose cleaning


“I have always found Rose to be efficient, punctual, honest and above all extremely trustworthy. The quality of service is of a high standard and she has a strong work ethic.”
- Both husband and wife work

“As a professional, I do not have a lot of time to clean the house and it is nice to know that it is going to get a very thorough cleaning. She is very dependable and hasn’t missed a day yet. I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a dependable cleaning service.”
- Business Owner/Long hours

“It is with pleasure that I provide a personal work reference for Rose Heisler with Heavenly Rose Cleaning Service. Rose has provided me with cleaning services on a three to four week schedule since 2001. Rose has been punctual, trustworthy and efficient. I have been most pleased with the results.”
- Business owner, loves to golf

“She is trustworthy, to the extent that she has a key to my place and I seldom see her because my travel and work schedule have me out of town or at the office whenever she is in the apartment.”
- Busy professional

“On occasion, she has gone beyond normal duties to clean and reorganize kitchen cupboards and similar items. I have found Rose work to be thorough and reliable.”
- Professional, single man

“Rose has been cleaning our 3-bedroom, 2-story home every two weeks. She is extremely reliable, and has never missed a cleaning day, including on statutory holidays and even on December 24. She is also very efficient. Her cleaning is careful and thorough and without supervision. We are almost never home when she comes to clean. We have also trusted her around our pets.”
- Two people working, have pets

“She is very efficient, hard working and thorough. My house has never looked better. Many times I am delighted to discover that she has taken the initiative and tidied up another closet, corner or drawer that I never seem to get to. My experience is that other services may be cheaper but you definitely get what you pay for. My husband and I are very happy with the services.
- Husband and wife work, community involvement